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Strona główna Powiatowego Urzędu Pracy w Nysie
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Powiatowy Urząd Pracy (District Labour Office) in Nysa is a unit of local government, rendering services (non-profit) for unemployed persons, employers and other partners of labour market. We help people, who are helpless on the present labour market; people who are unemployed for many years and have no chance to find job by themselves; people who have lost their self-confidence and their hope for a better tomorrow. We support creation of new companies and help already existing employers in creation of jobs. We initiate and realize programmes co- financed from national and European funds (over 40 projects during last 5 years).

I. Analysis of situation (origin of the project) and challenges.
The project “construction of houses by means of a training system for unemployed persons” was initiated in the period, in which labour market in the region (district) of Nysa (same as throughout whole Europe) "suffered" deficit of qualified construction workers. At the same time, in the Powiatowy Urząd Pracy (District Labour Office) in Nysa we had over 2.000 persons registered as unemployed, without professional qualifications, who were mostly unemployed for many years. Moreover individual local governments of the Nysa region (district) had problems with lack of financial resources for construction of houses / social flats.
The idea of the project appeared after analysis of the training system realized by the Powiatowy Urząd Pracy (District Labour Office) in Nysa. In spite of a wide range of construction courses it was difficult to see their tangible effect. Sometimes it happened that the course participants (e.g. during course of bricklayers) built a wall, which was demolished after completion of the course. The initiative to build a real house during training seemed to be an optimum idea to create effective and socially responsible training programmes. Moreover interviews with employers in building industry showed that they would be interested in employing participants of such “concrete” courses in their respective companies.

II. Creative solution / business strategy / method of realization.
After discussions with local authorities, the Mayor of Paczków expressed his interest in participation in the project.  Within concluded agreement, the Municipality of Paczków prepared a property in formal-legal aspect, technical documentation and building permission as well as provided a part of construction materials. Furthermore the Municipality of Paczków committed themselves to provide utilities to the house, including meters of consumption of water and electric energy. The Powiatowy Urząd Pracy (District Labour Office) in Nysa was responsible for providing machines and equipment, construction supervising staff, including site manager, means of personal protection, lecturers and instructors (within organization of courses). The training was realized by an educational unit (Center of Practical Education in Nysa).

The training cycle realized by Powiatowy Urząd Pracy (District Labour Office) in Nysa comprised training of 176 persons in the following specializations:

  • Bricklayer - steel fixer - concreter,
  • Bricklayer - plasterer,
  • Bricklayer - painter,
  • Bricklayer - carpenter, bricklayer - roofer,
  • Wireman - electrician,
  • Fitter of central heating installations,
  • electrician with authorizations E to 1 kV,
  • training in interior finishing

The effect of the training cycle was commission in November 2008 of a two-storey block of 12 flats. The flats were given to families waiting for social flats (mainly single mothers). Less than 800 PLN (< 200 EUR) per square metre of usable area – that was the cost of construction of a house for 12 families, who for many years waited for own dwelling.

Originality and feasibility.
The project is a unique undertaking of this type in Poland (probably also in Europe). For the first time social needs (increase of qualifications of unemployed persons) were combined with economic needs (deficit of flats for the poorest families).

Impact of the project on economy in the region.
The project, through its useful function, had great impact on local economy  - the inhabitants could feel care of the local authorities and institutions in realization of the most urgent social needs. As a result of growth of professional qualification level of persons taking part in project, the labour market could experience so desired increase of number of qualified personnel. The effects of the project are of durable and repeatable nature - more and more local governments and institutions are interested in realization of such projects in their own regions. In a long-term perspective this system can be a wide and real support in the process of adaptation of unemployed persons to the needs of labour market, at the same time supporting pro-social housing policy.

Improvement of relations among concerned parties in the region.
The project was addressed first of all to unemployed inhabitants of the Municipality of Paczków (less privileged community) and mainly they were beneficiaries (growth of professional qualifications) of the project. The project, being in accordance with all national and EU standards, complied with and respected social character of the undertaking.

Obviously it is possible (as shown by present examples) to extend and realize the project in the region, in Poland, and in Europe. Due to its structure the project certainly can be (already is) an inspiration for similar activities. Very often the project is promoted by media, meetings, conferences and trainings.

III. Results.
As it results from the above, initiation and realization of the project “construction of houses by means of a training system for unemployed persons” was an effective, rational and  advisable activity to improve professional and technical skills. The project also promoted own activity for the community and promoted enterprise among groups of persons in difficult situation (unemployed persons) – some persons taking part in the project have already started or plan to start their own company. In this way an original and innovative project came into being, thanks to this most participants have found new jobs, and 12 families were given flats in the house built by unemployed persons.

IV. Commitment of interested subjects.
Powiatowy Urząd Pracy (District Labour Office) in Nysa - originator, initiator and executor of programme
Town Hall of Paczków -  partner of the project, and also investor for construction
Centre of Practical Education - training unit / supervision and training of unemployed persons

V. Future realization plan.
The project will be realized also in future by the Powiatowy Urząd Pracy (District Labour Office) in Nysa (it is planned to start next professional training, which will result in new flats and public utility facilities).
The idea of Powiatowy Urząd Pracy (District Labour Office) in Nysa (as good practice) meets more and more "imitators" in Poland and abroad.

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